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Black Holes - A light prison?

Stars are not immortal, they too die or exhaust out like us, but in a different way. Whenever stars use their fuel( hydrogen) to burn up and produce light, hydrogen gets converted into helium and other dense elements through nuclear fusion. Stars expand due to their enormously high temperature and this process is known as thermal expansion. Therefore, more the stars expand due to relative heat, more fuel they will use and more fuel they will exhaust. Due to this, the amount of hydrogen in themselves will decrease. Stars not only possess high temperatures, but also high gravitational force. Eventually, at their highest expansion state, the hydrogen consumption to keep their gravitational force stable would be less than the amount of fuel they have used during the process and due to this, The Almighty gravitational force would takeover. The expansion process would stop as there is no more fuel left and the star would slowly start to shrink. Due to their relative high mass, the gravitational force would become exponentially high and more faster the stars would shrink due to decrease in their relative size( gravitational force is inversely proportional to distance). Now the star has two outcomes upon its fate, it can either expel out all the excess mass to stop gravitational force become unstable( this process is also known as supernova) or the almighty gravitational force would become unstoppable and thus would continue to shrink.

This shrinkage would first form a neutron star, a type of star where the neutrons, electrons and protons of an atom are at war to find a safe place to live in the star (hypothetically!) and the interatomic space in the star is so less that it is believed that the star only contains neutrons, hence the name neutron star. Furthermore, the star will continue to shrink and form BLACK HOLES..... the place where even the Flash of the particle world also known as LIGHT cannot escape. Black holes have such a high mass that their gravitational force have the power to swallow a whole GALAXY, so if you want to blow up a rebel fleet base in a planet, you can use a black hole instead of A Death Star( Star wars joke). This gravitational force is further more intensified by the decreasing size of the black hole ( and may god know its monumental density). So if nothing can escape from a black hole ( NOT EVEN LIGHT) its almost impossible to know its characteristics and nature as all the information/things once in a black hole is trapped there forever. We can't transmit a radiation in the black hole to know its temperature and atomic spectra. Nothing escapes a black hole. But it is interesting to note that a black hole slowly and gradually releases some radiation of virtual particle pairs using quantum entanglement, also known as Hawking Radiation, but this radiation is nearly impossible to find. So if you want to get rid of your archenemies, you can probably throw them away in a black hole and no one will ever know about it (JK).

So lets keep our curious minds running and a stay hyped for our upcoming content.....


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