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Convert all your emails to PDF - Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora and Mac Mail.Q: Package inside \ifx i just realized i've been using a package that i found online to write some simulations in LaTeX. The package has many macro and commands and i need to execute their functionality. But there is a problem: inside \ifx, i've seen some macros that have some macro defined inside an other one. Is there a way to do that? I think that i could use the \expandafter, but i dont know if it would work. A: This isn't defined as an error; rather, it's suppressed using \PackageError. \documentclass[a4]{article} ewcommand{\foo}[1]{% \ifx\relax#1\relax \PackageError{foo}{#1}\relax \else #1% \fi } \foo{foo} \end{document} In the actual macro, \foo{foo} won't actually expand \ifx\relax#1\relax, but it will if you omit the \relax. 1. Field of the Invention The invention is related to a vertical power switch device, in particular, to a power switch device capable of controlling power supply switch-on/off. 2. Description of the Prior Art For a current power switch device, to insure that power supply circuit is in an off-state, a device needs a circuit to disable the power supply circuit for a specified time by the prior art; besides, the circuit needs to monitor the status of the power supply circuit, so as to determine whether the circuit is in an off-state and restart the power supply circuit for an on-state. For example, a method which can implement a reduction of power consumption of a power supply circuit is implemented by the prior art. The method allows a main power supply of a circuit, a power supply circuit, and a switch circuit to work at the same time. When the circuit determines that the power supply circuit is in an off-state, the switch circuit is turned on so as to turn on the power supply circuit. When the power supply circuit is determined to be in an on-state, the switch circuit is turned off to cut off power supply to the circuit.


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